His Excellency, Hon. Prince Chinonso Dubem, President, Nkerefi Development Union

By Prince Ejeh Josh

I’ve been away from the glare of the media for sometime. Months. I’ve received calls from friends, fans and allies over my media taciturnity. Contracts were literally turned down in recent times. This cold media attitude did not arise out of sheer aloofness. Some battles deserve reserved determination to conquer. That was the battle I had gone to fight. Interestingly, nature has just forced me out of my media shell. I have my boss celebrate his birthday today. To keep rigmaroling  in my obtuse shell in a day like this is to be ingrate to people that have impacted my life so much. Here I am to celebrate the man I so much love and believe in. This short article is dedicated to the master of the house, His Excellency, Prince Jim Nonso Dubem.

Today, I’m going to stand still in telling the story of my boss, leader and chairman. Some people are special species of God’s creation. Their marks on humanity are inexhaustible. Their touch on people’s lives is like an endless stream and countless grains of hairs. God deliberately created them amidst the loss of hope and confidence in humanity. They come to make a just and better world even as confusion engulfs our being.

Without mincing words, these people are worth celebrating everyday and always. Today, we have one of them in our midst. He is well known by all and sundry. For the good that has come out of him. For the hope he has given to the hopeless. For the voice he has given to the voiceless. For the confidence he has restored to the diffident. For the smiles he has put to the faces of those wiping. And for the many he has lifted out of penury.

Personally, I see him as a leader of substance. Selfless and dedicated to the cause of reshaping and redefining the face of humanity. His leadership as President General, Nkerefi Development Union (NDU), has, never like before, united all the clans and communities making up the great heartland of Nkerefi. The people across Nkanu-land and Nigeria could feel his philanthropic impacts. A cheerful giver per excellence with an excellent quality.

Dear friends and people of goodwill, I have the most respectful and singular honour to invite you to join me in celebrating this our own entrepreneurial great mind and wealth creator, His Excellency, the President-General, NDU, Prince Jim Nonso, on the occasion of his birthday.

Prince Nonso believes in grace and hardwork. He’s a product of strict discipline and financial prudence. He thinks differently and does his things differently. He sees light where others see darkness. He converts obstacles to limitless opportunities. He never waited for government to provide him a job soon after his university education. As an Economist, Architect, Project Administrator and Developer, he dived into the business world with little, however, with farsighted vision. He did, right from the inception, define his mission, and determined to niche his name in the grain of history, he pushed harder and weathered all storms.

Today, our own Chairman has not only diversified, he has also spread his tentacles beyond the imagination of a great mind. He talks of ideas. He looks beyond the immediate and hit the ground running. What many did not know about him is that His Excellency is also a successful mechanised farmer.  He is feeding the nation. He is also into hotel management and hospitality, construction and projects management. Simply suffice: from nothing to something amazing. A true product of struggle. He tells his story with pride, dignity and thanksgiving.

Let it be noted that many scholarships, youth training and empowerment, job creation and employment, medical outreaches, etc., are on records to his credit. He is a man who reaches out to everybody regardless his level of attainment and lofty status in the society. I’m humbled by that gesture of humility.

It’s without reservation that I submit that Enugu State needs someone like him in government not only as a consultant but also as an economic catalyst. Nigeria needs someone of his stature especially in agriculture and in management. Multi-national corporations need someone of his high standing. He builds from the scratch to skyscrapers. That business and corporate acumen is useful to the world, and I hope companies with vision to do better will seize this rare opportunity and maximize.

Your Excellency Sir, I’m happy that a day like this exist in our annals of history. Everything you have touched has really fallen into place. We can’t thank you enough for the new lease of life you keep extending. Thank you for giving back to the society. Thank you for living up to your name and character.

It’s my prayer that the good Lord will continue to be with you wherever you are, go, and in whatever you do. You will live for us. Good health and long life is our prayer for you. We celebrate with your wonderful family.

Congratulations and happy birthday, Your Excellency.

Prince Ejeh Josh, Esq., writes from Nkerefi, Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State.


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